Workplace investigation-This report should be completed by the investigating officer following an investigation into employee conduct.

Warning notice-Use this form to document critical information surrounding an incident that is cause for a warning.

Performance improvement plan-This plan can be used to define areas of concern as they relate to work performance, reiterate expectations and provide opportunity for improvement.

Investigation interview questions-This form can be used when conducting an investigation into employee conduct. Sample questions are provided for interviewing the complainant, witnesses, and the perpetrator. Also included are tips for carrying out the investigation process.

Employee of discipline report-This form documents the details concerning an issue or event that has led to disciplinary action, including date, time, type of offense, and individual(s) involved.

Determining the severity of an offense-Use this worksheet as a guide for determining appropriate disciplinary action based on the employee’s offense.

Disciplinary notice letter-This letter can be customized and sent to an employee to document disciplinary action. It should follow a formal discussion with the employee regarding their misconduct.