Time off request form(1)-This form should be completed by employees when requesting time off.

Return to work medical certifications-This Return to Work Authorization should be completed by the employee’s health care provider when returning from leave due to an illness or injury.

Leave of Absence Request(1)-A form for employees to fill out when requesting a leave of absence

Employee military service request-This form is to be used if an employee requests differential pay after being called to active Military Service, and must be notarized if it is not submitted in person or in the absence of a previously notarized authorization such as a Power of Attorney. Attached to this document, the employee must also submit: a Leave and Earning Statement (LES) for beginning and end of applicable period; a copy of military orders for the applicable period for which differential pay is being requested; notarized Release of Information form if applicable. (Required when LES is not available.)
Absence Tracking-A way to track employee absences (vacation, sick days, personal time) in an Excel format