New hire checklist– This checklist can be used to help ensure that important issues have been addressed with each new hire, including a review of company policies and procedures, wages and benefits, and required new hire paperwork.

Salary and Benefits checklist-Use this checklist to make sure you have covered all the main points regarding salary and benefits enrollment for new employees.

Notice for Employers who do not offer health-Employers are required to provide employees with a notice containing certain information about health care marketplaces (“exchanges”). This model notice is for employers that don’t offer health coverage.

W4 2018-This form must be completed by each employee to determine the appropriate level of federal income tax to withhold from earnings.

Emergency contact form-This form should be completed by the employee upon hire. It provides a list of his or her contacts to be called in case of an emergency.

90 day follow up interview-Completed this form within 90 days of an employee’s start date to assess the employee’s satisfaction, how well the employee has transitioned, and what additional training may be needed to ensure success.