Appraising coaching worksheet– This form is to be filled out by supervisor and employee prior to each performance review period. This worksheet provides a way to measure performance based on both the employee and supervisor responses.

During the performance appraisal checklist-This checklist covers information and questions that need to be addressed when conducting a performance appraisal.

Attendance Controller-Use this form to keep track of employee absences, including absences due to illness, vacation, jury duty, and leave.

Mentee Application form-It is vital to the success of a mentoring program to pair employees with mentors that share similar goals and experiences. Have employees interested in finding mentors, complete this application form to get insight into their background, interests and goals so you can make a beneficial match.

Employee coaching log-Coaching is an effective training method used to develop your employee’s workplace skills. Use this coaching log to keep track of topics, goals and actions discussed in either formal or informal coaching sessions.

Mentor profile form-Have all potential mentors fill out this profile and use it to help pair up employees and mentors to create the most effective and successful relationship.

Performance feedback script-This worksheet is to be used during the performance feedback process. Tips for getting the most out of the conversation are provided as well as a list of some suggested performance-related topics to discuss.

Performance appraisal-Use this form to rate an employee on his or her performance over the last review period. Both the employee and his or her supervisor should sign the form. Employees may use this form for self-reviews as well.

Performance improvement plan(1)-This plan can be used to define areas of concern as they relate to work performance, reiterate expectations and provide opportunity for improvement.

Performance management setting-This handout can be used to ensure that you establish individualized performance objectives for your employees that are both challenging and motivating.

Performance review checklist-This checklist is to be used by supervisors and their employees in preparation for the performance review. Procedures for prior to the meeting, during the meeting, and after the performance review meeting are all included.

Promotion letter-This letter can be customized to congratulate an employee on a promotion and confirm his or her new job title and pay.