Record Retention Chart-This chart provides an overview of federal recordkeeping requirements, including which forms must be retained and for how long.

Request to Inspect Personnel File-This is a form to be filled out by the employee who is requesting to inspect his or her personnel file. Once reviewed, a date should be scheduled in order for the employee to inspect the file.

Personnel Information File Jacket-These pages are a way of keeping track of employees’ personnel information – including their: employment status, address, telephone number, emergency contacts, tax information, work hours, benefits information, education and experience, and wage and salary history. This information must be kept in a secure file only accessible to those with a business need-to-know.

Personnel Data Change Form-This form should be filled out to document changes to an employee’s personal data, such as name, address, phone number, social security number, and emergency contact information.

Personnel Action Form-Personnel changes are an on-going part of the workplace. This form is intended to track a variety of employment changes, including promotions, resignations, merit increases, and transfers.