Termination timeline checklist-This checklist provides a basic timeline for processing terminations.

Termination letter-This is a sample letter that can be customized and provided to an employee to confirm his or her termination of employment with the company.

Reference release form(1)-This form, signed by the applicant, authorizes the company to conduct reference checks and releases businesses, individuals, and schools from liability in responding to such inquiries.

Personnel action form-Personnel changes are an on-going part of the workplace. This form is intended to track a variety of employment changes, including promotions, resignations, merit increases, and transfers.

Job abandonment letter-This letter is to be used to inform an employee of his or her termination due to a “no call no show” situation. Your state may have specific job abandonment laws; please be sure to check your state-specific requirements.

Exit interview questions-This questionnaire should be completed by resigning employees to get a greater understanding of why they are leaving the company. This data can provide valuable information on the causes of employee turnover.

Exit interview checklist-This checklist addresses topics that should be discussed during an exit interview, including methods for distributing the employee’s final paycheck, benefit coverage termination dates, COBRA election options, and employee comments and concerns.