53 Knightsbridge Road

Suite 216
Piscataway, NJ 08854


53 Knightsbridge Road

Suite 216
Piscataway, NJ 08854


State-of-the-Industry Call Center Services

Uninterrupted service since 1987 ensures you always get the best guidance

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Custom Solutions in Vertical Markets

Specialist Solutions for Financial Markets, Disaster Recovery, Healthcare and more

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All the cost benefits of outsourcing within the domestic US

Our Call Centers are located in the US but our costs beat going offshore

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We speak your brand

To your customers we sound just like you do

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Bring your Call Center Home, Delight your Customers and Reduce your Costs

MATC-Alliance understands no one wants to call into a Call Center. It shouldn’t take seven steps to get to a real human. That’s why our approach aligns the latest in Call Center technology with highly trained, long-term agents to produce the best customer experience and represent you and your brand with the utmost fidelity. We ensure your customer talks to someone within seconds, we respond to chats in moments and we record how many interactions are solved in a single call. Doesn’t than sound like how you’d like to be treated?


Why MATC-Alliance Works For You?


Located domestically on mainland USA

All the benefit of an offshore Call Center except not offshore. Based in the continental US we can reach anywhere but we are at home right here.


Guaranteed to be
Cost Effective

 We know we can offer cost efficiencies for any size organization. For example, we are consistently at least 50% more effective than starting a Call Center in-house. We also offer programs which compete effectively with the offshore centers. Great customer relations don’t have to cost a fortune.


Flexible and Creative

Your program is 100% branded and customized to you and your customers’s needs. Scale up, cut back as business demands. You only pay for what you use.

About Us

We guarantee accuracy and efficient call handling. Each message contains the exact information you require to convey to the caller. All contact information is programmed into the script, so it is automatic and time is not wasted researching phone numbers. Our state of the art equipment and software delivers efficient and effective call center accuracy. We invest in technology to stay one step ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

Some of our services include 

  • Marketing research, including reporting
  • Directing and delivering information
  • Providing responses for order taking and processing
  • Answering FAQs
  • Helping clients use websites and connect to business services

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What are the benefits of choosing MATC-Alliance?

Some of our benefits

  • Calls are recorded allowing you to listen remotely via secure internet any time
  • Order-taking and messaging expertise
  • Specialized services to meet your needs; call overflow, high peak, end-to-end service, phone, chat and social media
  • 24/7 and 365 days a year in the continental US
  • Robust and detailed Reports and Analytics
  • Full control over your information and data
  • Size and scalability as you need
  • Access to the latest Call Center technology with zero investment
  • Accounts receivable and receipts

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How can I learn more?

You can contact us via phone at: 609-681-5814  

or via email at: contact@matcgroup.com

Send us a message below in the form as well.

For expert call center solutions, you can trust MATC-Alliance.

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