53 Knightsbridge Road

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53 Knightsbridge Road

Suite 216
Piscataway, NJ 08854


Back Office Processing

Back Office Processing

There are some tasks that must be kept in-house, but some that need to be kept up-to-date but are a waste of your time if you’re already tight on resources. Tasks like data entry which is repetitive and time consuming get pushed to the bottom on the to do list, but having that sort of information up to day is as important to the smooth running of the business as any other task.
More and more companies are finding ways of getting other less expensive resources to do this sort of work for them. Outsourcing back office process is the latest trend in keeping only essential functions in house.


Why allow an external firm to do your back office tasks?

If it seems counter-intuitive to allow others to do these simple sorts of task here’s some reasons why MATC-Alliance’s back office services make sense:


Higher Level of Accuracy

MATC-Alliance will devote more time and apply a higher QA standard to the task than you naturally would in house. In your office this is a painful job to be completed. At MATC-Alliance this is customer work which must be performed to the highest levels.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

It is true – you and your team need to be focusing on core competencies and developing the business. When resources are already stretched do you really want your best salesperson managing the CRM? These are the tasks an external person can do just as effectively, freeing up your key people for more important business.

Our technology

We have already invested in state of the art technology and back-up systems. You don’t need to purchase expensive software or invest in SaaS licenses which really add up over time. We have the tools and technology to analyse your data and bring new insights into your business.

Reduces Costs


Hiring back office staff is still a cost to the business. Pay for back office processing on a lower cost per hour and put those saved dollars back into the business where they belong.

All functions are kept up to date and delivered on time

If you’re looking for a report at the same time every week, if you want activity report, if you want a board presentation to be created once a month, and not have to think of it every time it is due, then outsource it.

What are Back Office Services

Data Entry

Developing and Producing Reports

Crunching numbers

Market research

Regulatory Compliance work

Managing Databases

Let us do a cost comparison

If you want to be sure that our Back Office services are more cost effective than your current processes, let us perform an analysis for you. We will produce a no-commitment report which outlines the differences between keeping these tasks in house and handing them over to us.

“There’s nothing to loose!”

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