Reference Request Letter– Customize and send this letter requesting relevant information from an applicant’s reference. The letter should be sent along with a reference release form signed by the applicant that authorizes the disclosure of such information.

Reference Release Form-This form, signed by the applicant, authorizes the company to conduct reference checks and releases businesses, individuals, and schools from liability in responding to such inquiries.

Reference Check Form-Example questions to ask of an applicant’s reference.

Pre Notice of Adverse Action Based on Consumer Report-This notice is intended to inform employees or applicants that based on the information found in their consumer report, a preliminary decision has been made to deny, or terminate, their employment.

FCRA: summary of your rights-This is a summary of employee rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and should be provided to individuals prior to conducting a background check on them. This version should be used by January 1, 2013.

Authorization and disclosure form-This form is to be used to obtain authorization from applicants and/or employees when conducting background checks using ADP’s Screening and Selection Services.