Time off Request form-This form should be completed by employees when requesting time off.

Telecommuting Arrangements-This document can be used to outline a telecommuting arrangement between the company and an employee, including work schedule, performance expectations, and timekeeping procedures.

Salary and Benefits checklist-Use this checklist to make sure you have covered all the main points regarding salary and benefits enrollment for new employees.

Employers who do not offer health-Employers are required to provide employees with a notice containing certain information about health care marketplaces (“exchanges”). This model notice is for employers that don’t offer health coverage.

Leave of Absence Request-A form for employees to fill out when requesting a leave of absence

HRAs: IRS notice-Published by the IRS, this notice is intended to provide basic information regarding HRAs, including: tax treatment of HRAs, benefits under HRAs, and HRA interaction with COBRA.

Health insurance Opt Out form-This form should be provided to employees who choose to decline health insurance coverage under the Company’s group health plan.

Flexible Work Arrangement Request form-This form is to be used by employees requesting an adjustment to their work schedule. Flexible work arrangement options, such as a compressed workweek, telecommuting, and flextime are included.

Bereavement Leave Request Form-This form gathers all the required information when an employee requests time off for bereavement leave. Supervisory approval is required.

401k planner-This worksheet is designed to assist in planning and managing your company’s 401(k) plan.