53 Knightsbridge Road

Suite 216
Piscataway, NJ 08854


53 Knightsbridge Road

Suite 216
Piscataway, NJ 08854


Outbound Call Center Services

Outbound Calling Delivers Fast, Measurable Results in Sales and Customer Retention

Outbound calling is an art. Some people are truly amazing at it and they are rare. It is a skill to get someone on the phone and engage them in a positive and friendly manner which gets you a positive contact.

The Outbound Call Center is your key to turning marketing into sales or good, long-term customer relationships.

It is a combination of technology, skills and people.

How to fit outbound calling into your Sales and Marketing Efforts

Connecting with customers and prospects is a slow process. Many times, we need to speed it up and outbound calling is the best way to do it.

Reach people faster and with a more direct message

Assess results and adjust the campaign according to customer response

Have the ability to switch messages if something else resonates better with the prospect or customer

Any Campaign Type

MATC-Alliance is about being there for your needs. We are agile, we can start and stop campaigns as you need it. No matter how you want to contact your customers or prospects we have a program or can adjust a program to work for you.

Quick, targeted campaigns

When you need to some quick and dedicated activity in support of another aspect of the business, bringing it in-house is out of the question.

Types of Campaign:

  • Special Offer which is only open for a few hours such as an upgrade or low-price offer
  • Customer Service Requirement – need to contact your customer base and up or cross sell
  • Information Dissemination– when you need to provide information and be able to show your customers received
  • Lead Generation – if you need a few days once a month to get leads flowing to the sales people, outsourcing to MATC is an easy way to do it

Ad Hoc Outreach

MATC-Alliance is there when you want to connect with a business community. You might want to test the validity of a market sector or open up a new client base.

This is a one and done engagement which the bigger Outbound Call Centers don’t want to get involved in because their ramp up is so considerable.

MATC-Alliance is agile and fast we can create and run these campaigns as quickly as you can think of them.

Technology Helps Turn Campaigns around quickly

MATC-Alliance Call Centers have their foundation on state-of-the-art technology. To that we add clear and concise programs which reflect our client’s needs and then we add people with years of experience who understand talking to others.

Side view of line of call centre employees are smiling and working on computers.
** Note: Shallow depth of field

People make the Campaigns work

Our people are empathetic, understanding and surprisingly, great listeners. Which is why your customers will talk to them. We have more than 25-years’ experience in outbound calling and our people are our best investment. MATC-Alliance is a career for our team not a stop-gap while they find something better.

We have the skills in house and ready to go.

MATC-Alliance offers you:

Total Flexibility in the campaign you run, any time, any length.

Creative pricing – we don’t have hard and fast rules, talk to us.

Qualified Agents – we are HIPAA/HITECH certified but we also have skilled sales people, and empathetic customer service people.