MATC-Alliance’s Features include:

  • Advanced technology, call monitoring and reporting
  • Highly skilled professional agents
  • Dynamic and laser-focused scripted messaging
  • Ability to receive calls via voice, text or email
  • Ability to use your URL or ours
  • Usage of remote or in-house databases
  • Instantaneous email responses for emergencies and customer response

MATC-Alliance exceeds expectations for call center service excellence.


We guarantee your calls will be handled efficiently and accurately. MATC has the latest technology, highly skilled agents and the programs to stand by our word 100%.


Your customers will feel like they are talking to you. We build your brand and we increase your customer satisfaction.


How can we be so sure? We back our promises with comprehensive Service Level Agreement, Our Call Center is never down and we are never understaffed.  We have your back.

MATC-Alliance’s Client benefit include:

  • Specialized services to meet your needs; call overflow, high peak, end-to-end service, phone, chat and social media
  • 24/7 and 365 days a year in the continental US
  • Robust and detailed Reports and Analytics
  • Full control over your information and data
  • Size and scalability as you need
  • Access to the latest Call Center technology with zero investment

MATC-Alliance’s Customer Services include:

  • Marketing solutions
  • Directing and delivering information
  • Providing responses for order taking and processing
  • Answering FAQs
  • Helping clients use websites and connect to business services
  • Understanding transportation logistics and giving directions
  • Providing product or service information
  • Handling store or office complaints
  • Offering technical support
  • Issuing credits and refunds
  • Assisting with retail promotions
  • Reporting a quiz answer score and contest information
  • Gathering information for insurance claims
  • Responding to emails immediately

Here’s why our business clients chose MATC-Alliance over the competition:

  • Local, fast and responsive
  • Campaigns can be ramped up and down as needed anytime
  • Our technology guarantees callers (on any media) get an immediate response
  • We back what we do with SLAs and guarantees
  • We reduce your costs and can bring in additional revenue
  • Our agents are specialized and allocated to campaigns based on their skills
  • We give unprecedented access to the Call Center, you can be as close to the action as you like, even if you’re three states away